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Packaging that Opens Hearts

Who is the magical deva beaming love to you from our Sacred Earth Medicine packaging? And how did we come up with the design? Well, as always, it was a collaboration with the Cacao Deva herself.

You could say that our cacao is wrapped in love, literally. Every detail has been meticulously designed to elicit a heart-opening experience. The packaging is full of powerful symbols and energetic imprints that you often ask us about, designed specifically to open your heart. Here’s a peak into the inspiration that lit us up during the creation process.

Vision of the Cacao Deva

Every decision we make at Sacred Earth Medicine is guided by ceremony and communion with the Cacao Deva. When we sat with IxCacao to envision the unwrapping process it was always important to give you a heart-opening experience. Every step of your connection with our cacao is designed for you as ritual – starting with receiving the block in the mail or picking it up off a shelf. Even at this first step, the cover of our packaging is intended to initiate the process of connecting you to Mama Cacao and your heart.

The vision of a luminous Deva that graces our cacao blocks came to us as an unexpected gift, through ceremony. It was a one-on-one client session. Sjha’ra guided Bona, a graphic designer friend, on a shamanic heart journey. They entered ceremony with a beautiful Sacred Earth Medicine Cacao elixir and afterwards Sjha’ra led Bona on a shamanic meditation.

When Bona emerged from the experience, she was brimming with a radiant vision of the Cacao Deva. It was clear this was IxCacao, the same Deva we connected with daily. And here was a vision of how she wanted to show herself to us, and to you. We love this design. It gives us a direct visual connection to the beautiful Spirit of the Cacao.

It’s important to mention that the Cacao Deva is a multi-dimensional being who can appear in a variety of forms. If you’ve had a vision of IxCacao that’s different from our design, know that it’s perfect. We encourage you to trust your connection.

Chakra Activation

In our design, we highlight the heart, brow and crown chakras of the Deva because these are the three key centres activated and opened by cacao. At IxCacao’s heart she holds a cup of cacao elixir radiating the light of this sacred heart medicine. Her crown and brow are also open with heart medicine, represented by a luminous heart at the centre of her headdress which encases a cacao pod.

In fact, IxCacao is adorned all over in cacao pods. Maybe you’ve never seen one before and were wondering what all those chocolate-coloured, almond-shaped nut things were. Now you know! The cover also incorporates sacred geometry. These lines and arrows point to an important role that cacao plays in our world now, the bridging of Heaven and Earth. More on this later.

Opening the Block (and the Heart!)

Now here’s a spoiler alert! We’re about to highlight some of the design elements that you’ll encounter as you unwrap your block. If you haven’t opened your first SEM order yet, we recommend pressing pause on this read until you have.

If you’re still with us, you’ve already unwrapped one of our blocks. The cardboard packaging is opened by lifting a small tab at the top. On the inside, is the symbol of a winged heart. Did you notice within the winged heart is the cross section of a cacao pod? We designed this tab so that as you open it, the cacao begins to open to you too. And you begin to open your heart further.

Inside the cardboard packaging the cacao blocks are wrapped in gold foil. In ancient times the Spirit of Cacao was honoured, and cacao was revered more than gold! The foil is a nod to this sacred value of the chocolate. The bronze and gold design elements throughout the pack also symbolise cacao’s powerful transmutational and transformational qualities as a tool of sacred alchemy. Gold and bronze make us feel majestic, magical, mythical and powerful. Do they do the same for you?

Bridging Heaven and Earth

Underneath the gold wrapping, a beautiful block of chocolate is imprinted with our logo – a symbol of a downward pointing triangle (the Earth element) cradled in a crescent moon (the Heavens). This logo represents the bridging of Heaven and Earth. In ceremony we visualised and intended that when each block is stamped it is activated with this vision and energetic vibration.

This symbol also connects us to multi-layered aspects and qualities of the cacao. The crescent moon evokes connection to the feminine, the womb, the altar, the sacred vessel, and the cup. The downward pointing triangle represents grounding and the sacred yoni. These symbols may kindle other powerful meanings for you.

As a collective we are heralding in a new way of living. The divine feminine is rising. A heart-based era is birthing. We are moving into unity consciousness. And Ceremonial Cacao assists us to find our way there.

Love Wrapped

We hope you’ve picked up on a recurring theme in our design inspiration – our entire process has been steeped in love. It’s our vision that this love radiates into your life, the lives around you, and the heart of our planet. When you open your next block of Sacred Earth Medicine Ceremonial Cacao, know that Mama Cacao has guided every step of this journey for you, and she wants to connect.