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Easter Chocolate Making Ritual Box
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    Chocolate Making Ritual Box

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    This divine Chocolate Making Ritual Box will set you up for a meaningful and sumptuous sacred chocolate experience!

    Anchoring the sacred into the everyday is a foundational pillar of Sacred Earth Medicine. We’re excited to weave our love of ritual into a beautiful box of bounty to support you to bring more magic and ceremony into your life.

    With intention, any act can be sacred. With our new Chocolate Making Ritual Box we’re sharing some simple, yet potent ways you can make the everyday a divine and chocolatey experience!

    Included in your Chocolate Making Ritual Box is:

    • 200g block Sacred Earth Medicine Ceremonial Cacao
    • 150g Organic Cacao Butter buttons
    • Chocolate Heart silicon mould
    • Beeswax Candle, by Ahana
    • Ceremonial Invocation and Preparation Card
    • Sacred Hearts: Chocolate Making Recipe
    • Ritual

    Your ritual box makes approximately 4 trays of chocolate sacred hearts (60 chocolates), with extra cacao for two Ceremonial drinks. The only other extra ingredients you’ll need for making the Sacred Heart Chocolates are a couple of things you should already have at home: sweetener (we recommend maple syrup, but you can use your preferred liquid sweetener of choice), coconut oil and vanilla powder or essence (optional).

    As part of your specialised ritual box, you’ll also receive a recipe for how to prepare the chocolates. Plus a unique ceremonial invocation to assist you to call in, and work with, the spirit of Cacao.

    But remember, the goodness doesn't have to stop there! With the recipe on how to prepare the chocolates, along with the tray, you can continue to make an infinite number of chocolates.

    Get your very own ritual box, to make any day a chocolatey and sacred experience. 

    Store your Chocolate Making Ritual Box in a cool, dry place. Keep chocolates in fridge once made.

    FREE SHIPPING within Australia and seriously reduced international rates!


    The chuncho bean was highly revered in ancient times. It was used as currency and valued more highly than gold. Chuncho cacao was traditionally used by the priests, shamans and spiritual elite in the ancient Mayan, Aztec & Olmec cultures as a spiritual partner. We are told that the shamans of these ancient cultures infused their prized cacao beans with spirit, to give it a dimension not found in other cacao varieties. Ceremonial Cacao is an ancient plant medicine, a heart opener, a wisdom keeper, a consciousness facilitator, teacher and creative partner. In modern terms, it is classed as an entheogen.

    Beans with Life Force!

    Once in your hands, you will cherish why our pure Peruvian Ceremonial Cacao bean paste is specifically chosen for its potency and high vibration. It is 100% whole bean Cacao Chuncho, bio-dynamically grown, from original cacao trees. This small, humble but proud family run operation keeps production at a sustainable scale to ensure we have superior quality control with techniques fine-tuned by generations in the family. The cacao beans are grown in a powerful microclimate nestled between the Andes and the Amazon, infusing the beans with fervent life force. Grown on mature trees, farmed without chemicals, ethically sourced and fair trade, this cacao maintains all its medicinal and spiritual properties. And once you taste it, you’ll know why it’s won so many awards.

    Don't Take our Word for it, Try Ceremonial Cacao for Yourself!

    Are you ready to hold a rich, warm velvety cup of this divine Ceremonial Cacao elixir in your hands? Let the sweet aroma steam its way into your sensory organs. As you drink, it melts into your heart, transporting you into another realm of sweet benevolence.


    Customer Reviews

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    Chris Me

    Love making these hearts and sacred cocoa powder for everyday heart openings. I love how easy it is to add the 200g block and all ingredients in my thermomix to create a sacred cocoa powder in seconds. The taste and quality is delicious and expansive. Much appreciated.

    Elle S

    Love this package. The heart mould fits the recipe to the drop. Beautiful, gentle tasting hearts shared with my daughters. Will definitely look out for future packages.