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Supporting Motherhood with Cacao

by The Sacred Earth Medicine Team on May 11, 2024
image credit: Seriya Cutbush from Sound Healing Australia

Ceremonial Cacao as a plant ally for the journey of Motherhood is a deeply nurturing, loving and supportive partner. From the blessing way and birth, through to the early years of Motherhood and beyond, cacao has an abundance of physiological and energetic properties to support this transition tenderly yet powerfully.

We believe the rite of passage that is the journey from Maiden to Mother is one of the most profound changes a woman can experience. With its gentle yet potent heart opening and calming qualities, this plant medicine truly is a gift for women as they walk the path of Motherhood.

Let’s dive a little deeper and see why ceremonial cacao is a welcome friend to carry you through all the phases and stages of the journey.

Cacao & Pregnancy – nourishing mother & baby

Cacao is a highly nutritious food rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, all the things we need in abundance of when we’re growing new life. Used in moderation during pregnancy (there is some caffeine present in cacao), this powerful plant medicine has much to offer - particularly when using a high quality cacao like Sacred Earth Medicine’s Ceremonial Cacao!

Some of the incredible benefits of consuming cacao during pregnancy are:

Rich in minerals: iron, magnesium (helpful for leg cramps, muscular discomfort, and relaxation), zinc, calcium, manganese, potassium, sulphur, and copper, providing much of what is needed for the baby’s development.

Flavanols: the flavanols found in cacao have antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties.

Fibre: as a great source of fibre, it can help counteract the constipation many women experience during pregnancy.

Healthier alternative to coffee: cacao has much lower levels of caffeine than coffee. The active ingredient is theobromine (similar to caffeine but with a focus on blood flow and the heart, giving a more grounded energy) so you feel uplifted and inspired, without the jitters that often accompany caffeine.

Lowers blood pressure: cacao dilates the blood vessels and lowers blood pressure, so it may be helpful for alleviating hypertension and fluid retention - common problems during pregnancy.

Increases energy: pregnant women who experience tiredness or intense energy lag at the end of the day, may benefit greatly from the energy boosting effect of cacao.

Helps regulate metabolism: the influence of cacao on boosting the body’s metabolic rate is particularly beneficial as metabolism often gets sluggish during pregnancy.

Natural mood booster: chemical neurotransmitters like serotonin, endorphins, dopamine, phenylethylamine and anandamide are increased, thanks to cacao, to boost our mood and induce blissful feelings.

Calming effect: cacao’s relaxing and calming effect helps women move more easily through the natural stresses and anxieties that can be associated with pregnancy.

Heart opening properties: cacao can help us foster a beautiful loving connection to self, the growing baby and allow feelings of gratitude to be abundant.

Cacao & Blessing Way – a divine fusion for ceremony & celebration!

A blessing way is a sacred ceremony to honour the pregnant woman and her journey into motherhood. Different from a baby shower with its focus on the baby, the blessing way celebrates the woman and the initiation she is experiencing.

Usually occurring later in the third trimester, the ceremony may include dear female friends and/or relatives and will generally incorporate a variety of different rituals to support the woman’s journey, love her up with some pampering and allow her to feel how special this moment is.

Introducing a cacao ceremony to start the blessing way is such a sweet, connecting and powerful way to bring all present into sacred space and anchored into their hearts.

Cacao & Birth – powerful combo to open the gateways

There is evidence in many ancient cultures to show the use of cacao by midwives to support the birth process, particularly among the peoples of the Mesoamerican regions.

As we've shared above, the benefits of cacao are many. Some of the ways it may support the Mama through the birth initiation are:

  • Using a ceremonial dose of cacao to prepare for labour and bring her into a state of deep connection, presence, and focus.
  • To call on the loving guidance of IxCacao, the Cacao Deva, for support to drop deeply into the sacred portal of birth.
  • With its deeply nourishing heart opening qualities, cacao can support the Mama-to-be to connect deeply with her own innate wisdom.
  • It can allow oxytocin and other supportive hormones to flow freely offering the Mama a natural boost of energy when it's needed the most.
  • Cacao has calming and relaxing properties, and a dose of cacao for Mama (and her support team) may soothe her nervous system and open up more trust – in herself and the birth process.

Note: If you haven’t been using ceremonial cacao regularly throughout pregnancy, then we recommend introducing it around the 37 week mark so that your body can become familiar with its energy and how it impacts you, before you include it in your birth plan.

Using ceremonial cacao for birth was not so well documented when I (Sjhara) was pregnant in 2012. There was little or no information out there. However, through a series of synchronistic events in Bali (or not – perhaps the Universe had set it all up!). I was encouraged to trust my own intuition that cacao could be an amazing ally for birth and included it in our home birth plan.

The experience was beyond anything I could have dreamed into being, and for me, cacao was most definitely a powerful partner through the birth portal!

You can read the full journal about my home birth with ceremonial cacao.

Cacao & the Fourth Trimester – more bliss to the milk bubble

This time post birth that many call the ‘blissful baby bubble’ can be a time of deep joy, unconditional love, awe, and devotion as the mother connects with her baby earthside and they begin the journey of getting to know each other.

And equally, it can be a time filled with challenge, uncertainty, confusion, and anxiety - especially for first time mamas.

With its calming yet heart expanding qualities, mood elevation properties, mineral content, natural energy increase and feel good hormones, cacao offers a deeply supportive and nourishing elixir of goodness for mamas as they begin this next stage of the journey.

For breast-feeding mamas, cacao is a much better alternative to coffee (as the caffeine can impact the baby). Plus cacao stimulates the release of the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin making it valuable for milk production and bonding.

With the focus now on baby, many new mamas find it difficult to find space and time to nurture themselves, or to bring the sacred into their very full lives. Taking even a small amount of time to dedicate to this little self love ritual, make a divine cup of ceremonial cacao, sip and enjoy the benefits of the soothing drink and have a few breaths to simply be – is just the medicine mamas need!

Cacao & the ongoing role of Motherhood – inspiration for the journey

The role of motherhood doesn't end when our little ones start walking, become increasingly more independent and eventually leave the nest. This truly is a journey for life.,

And, let’s face it, the agony and the ecstasy of motherhood includes a full spectrum of experience, often stretching us beyond what we think we are capable of. It requires all of our patience, stamina, adaptability, a whole lot of forgiveness (mostly self-forgiveness – for whilst we strive to be a perfect mother, in reality, perfection will ever escape us) and truck loads of love.

Leaning into the myriad of incredible physiological, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual benefits of ceremonial cacao as an ally will undoubtedly support mothers to move through all the adventures with more ease, connection, love and joy.

We’d be delighted to hear from any mama’s out there who have had great experiences with cacao and all stages of motherhood. Let us know in the comments. Can't wait to hear other stories!

Blessed Be.


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This ritual weaves together solar connection with ceremonial cacao (of course!), meditation, contemplation, journaling for you to honour this moment in the greater cycle.

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Ceremonial Cacao as a plant ally for the journey of Motherhood is a deeply nurturing, loving and supportive partner. Cacao has an abundance of physiological and energetic properties to support this journey tenderly yet powerfully.

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