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Praise for Ceremonial Cacao

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Oh mama cacao

Such an incredible bend of cacao
- Dani

Beautiful mama cacao

Beautiful, sacred cacao. I absolutely love that this company supports the farmers! Bonus- cacao is delicious.
- Love and light Dani x

The best chocolate ever.

This is the best chocolate that I've ever came across, and I just can't get enough of it. It's a real pick-me-up.

Duality-Ceremonial Cacao

This product is absolutely amazing. It enhances meditation and connection qualities in the heart space during Women's Circles or daily rituals.

Delicious Zen

Love these granular sacred cocoa pieces to easily make a delicious mug of sacred cocoa drink to enjoy daily. I love adding it to my morning shake for flavour and crunch. An absolute delicious zen.


Love making these hearts and sacred cocoa powder for everyday heart openings. I love how easy it is to add the 200g block and all ingredients in my thermomix to create a sacred cocoa powder in seconds. The taste and quality is delicious and expansive. Much appreciated.

Sacred cacao

This incredible bundle was amazing to have. The small one as a back up.
The cacao is an incredible blend I am so grateful to have n my life now. Highly recommended!!


Love this package. The heart mould fits the recipe to the drop. Beautiful, gentle tasting hearts shared with my daughters. Will definitely look out for future packages.

The magic returns

Thank you again! I ran out and was missing the magic of your cacao, but now it has returned and I am smiling once again x

Very Happy Customer

I received great customer service. Delivery was on time. The cacao was so delicious. Thank you so much

Solid block

I love this cacao, but unfortunately it didn't come ground at all, as it was sent on the tail end of summer I'm not surprised! It still tastes and feels amazing and is slightly easier to chop up than the normal blocks

Hi Gemma, big apologies for this. Unfortunately this can happen in the high point of summer as the surfaxe area of the ground cacao is much greater than a block - making it much more sesceptable to heat - and we don't defat our ground cacao like most other companies that offer a similar style product. We will get in touch with you via email to offer you a discount on your next order.

high quality ceremonial cacao

I absolutely love sacred earth cacao. I buy it frequently for myself and others. There are many out there but I feel this is a great quality. I tried a few and I always come back to this one. Never disappoints.

Great Quality Cacao

Sacred Earth Medicine is my 'go-to' for Cacao. I have purchased both their blocks of cacao and their pouches of ground cacao and both are spectacular. I was led to them intuitively and am grateful to have a stockist within Australia I can turn to when I need to stock up again. Thank you!

Sacred cacao

This sacred cacao is incredible!
I’ve been buying for a year now and every single time I purchase it comes so quickly and the consistency of the cacao is beautiful.

Ground Ceremonial Cacao
Dianne Vanstone

Messaged before re delivery of products. I know that it was hot but my order arrived in a lump. Any way around this or do I only order in cool months.

Hi Dianne, thanks for your review and question. Apologies for the delay as this came through on the long weekend. Can you please send a photo of your melted Ground Ceremonial Cacao to hello@sacredearthmedicine.org and we will organise a replacement for you. Apologies for the cacao melting. Yes, the ground product is more prone to this in the hotter months, but we should be able to get you a ground product in the hotter months too.

Ceremonial Cacao - 400g
Ceiron Kosterec
10/10. Amazing Cacao

This is one of my Favourite brands of Cacao I've come across. Beautiful

Ceremony cacao

I love this sacred ceremony cacao , it’s the perfect blend for my mama cacao moments. I have been a regular customer for almost 12 months.

Ceremonial Cacao - 200g
Karlene Grogan

Wonderful product, thank you ☺️

Quality Ceremonial Cacao

Exceptional quality cacao highly recommend! Ive tried every brand and actually started dreaming for the first time in over 5 years after trying the Sacred Earth brand Ceremonal Cacao. Customer service is also amazing! Will be back!

Amazing vibration and energy

I’ve been trying different cacao brands for the past year, and I can say Sacred Earth Medicine cacao is by far one of my favourites to date. The vibration and energy you get from the cacao is more prominent than most others I have tried. Definitely will re-order! :)

Love this!!

Beautiful cacao and came so quickly. I feel so grateful thank you!!

Consistently winning my heart!

It’s been 4 years now since I came across Sacred Earth Medicine and I’m beyond grateful for the work that Shaa & Sjh’ara continue to do in order to offer us this incredible plant medicine over here in Australia. Hands down, this is my favorite brand of ceremonial cacao despite trying many others that have been offered to me. They really have bridged heaven & earth! The taste, the texture and the beautiful heart opening space that I arrive at when sitting with Sacred Earth, illuminates me throughout the day. Every time! The connection truly is magikal. This company not only delivers on their product, but the customer support, the transparent and detailed information they share with their community along with their entire business ethos is exactly who and what I want to support. Always consistent. I’d love to work for a company like this! Sacred Earth has won my heart!

Ceremonial Cacao - 200g
Charlotte Terray
Potent and Delicious

This cacao has a beautiful taste as well as a beautiful energy 🤍

Ceremonial Cacao - 1kg Bundle
Deborah Strautmanis
Very happy

Very happy

Ceremonial Cacao - 1kg Bundle
Ceremonial Cacao

I love this cacao. Preparing and sitting with it is a part of my everyday morning practice. I live in a remote W.A town and my order always arrives swiftly. I trust this service and company! Thank you.