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Lions Gate Portal

by Sjha'ra Taylor on July 30, 2023

With cosmological origins dating as far back as Ancient Egypt, the Lions Gate heralds the annual alignment between the Sun in the star sign of Leo, the Earth, Orion’s Belt and the rising star Sirius (also known as the Dog Star), the brightest star in the night, and occurs between July 28th and August 12th.

Each year on the 8th of August we have an incredible opportunity to amplify our energy and powers of manifestation by tapping into the spiritual gateway and peak of the Lions Gate Portal (which synchronistically aligns wonderfully with the energy of Imbolc here in the Southern Hemisphere).

It is a powerful time of expanded energy where, due to this potent alignment, there is an increase of cosmic energy flowing between the realms of form and spirit. By opening ourselves up to this flow, we can consciously co-create with these activations to celebrate the abundance of life’s blessings and bring all that we desire into manifestation and being.

As we approach this gateway, we invite you to carve out a moment on August 8th to take your cacao outside under the Sun (if possible) and intentionally allow this out pouring of high frequency energy and wisdom from Sirius to shower over you and fill your cup, so you can consciously drink this is. This would also be a powerful time to gaze at your vision board, (or recall your seed visions) and allow a deep sense of love and gratitude to fill you, and overflow from you!

May you utilise this potent time for the highest potential! And may you seize opportunities for growth, manifestation, spiritual upgrades, and transformation!

Blessed BE!

Artwork: Aleah Michelle


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Aligning and weaving the ethos and values of our business with the philosophy of Dadirri, reciprocity and giving back underpins the day-to-day heart centred decisions we make & our ongoing direction.

Rose and Cacao have the sublime common qualities of heart opening, mood elevation, enhanced connection, and relaxation of the nervous system

By combining Ceremonial Cacao, visualisation, affirmation and the breath, we hope these simple rituals leave you feeling heart opened, connected and much lighter!

By connecting to departed loved ones not only are you able to tap into their deep wisdom , you also open up the possibility to heal any intergenerational trauma.