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Praise for Ceremonial Cacao

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Amazing vibration and energy

I’ve been trying different cacao brands for the past year, and I can say Sacred Earth Medicine cacao is by far one of my favourites to date. The vibration and energy you get from the cacao is more prominent than most others I have tried. Definitely will re-order! :)

Love this!!

Beautiful cacao and came so quickly. I feel so grateful thank you!!

Consistently winning my heart!

It’s been 4 years now since I came across Sacred Earth Medicine and I’m beyond grateful for the work that Shaa & Sjh’ara continue to do in order to offer us this incredible plant medicine over here in Australia. Hands down, this is my favorite brand of ceremonial cacao despite trying many others that have been offered to me. They really have bridged heaven & earth! The taste, the texture and the beautiful heart opening space that I arrive at when sitting with Sacred Earth, illuminates me throughout the day. Every time! The connection truly is magikal. This company not only delivers on their product, but the customer support, the transparent and detailed information they share with their community along with their entire business ethos is exactly who and what I want to support. Always consistent. I’d love to work for a company like this! Sacred Earth has won my heart!

Ceremonial Cacao - 200g
Charlotte Terray
Potent and Delicious

This cacao has a beautiful taste as well as a beautiful energy 🤍

Ceremonial Cacao - 1kg Bundle
Deborah Strautmanis
Very happy

Very happy

Ceremonial Cacao - 1kg Bundle
Ceremonial Cacao

I love this cacao. Preparing and sitting with it is a part of my everyday morning practice. I live in a remote W.A town and my order always arrives swiftly. I trust this service and company! Thank you.

The best kind of medicine!

I have tried many brands of cacao and use it maybe once a week. Using sacred earth has been great! I find it quite potent so it lasts me quite a long time, but the flavour is absolutely delicious! It gives me a decent energy kick but also grounds me. Will definitely purchase again :)

Ceremonial Cacao - 200g
Lauren Abuzaid



Ceremonial Cacao - 400g
Aliky Kouroupis
Love love

I’ve been purchasing this cacao for years from you. Absolutely love it and so tasty too and I love the recipes you have online. Thank you 🤍

Ceremonial Cacao - 400g
daniella murphy
Beautiful sacred cacao

I can feel the sacredness in this cacao. It has been blended and blessed so beautifully.

Ceremonial Cacao - 400g
daniella murphy
The most Devine cacao

This cacao is sacred, I feel truly connected to it. Such a beautiful product. I’m a fan !

We love our Cacao

Whether it’s to start a morning on the weekend or to finish the day during the week. We find it to go hand in hand with our meditation.

A beautiful experience

I absolutely love cacao from you guys! It truely is the best way to start my morning with a heart warming cup of cacao. I have tried many different companies products, however by far you guys trump every time! xx

The actual best

I have tried multiple brands of different cacao and sacred earth is the ultimate. It’s so beautiful, tasty and just such a happy and wholesome experience

Excellent Quality & Integrity

Really happy with my order. Respect that this company supports the farmers to maintain sustainable practices which is super important to me! plus, the cacao is delicious! Blessings, Niki

Daily Rituals

Kia Ora,

Thank you for this beautiful cacao that is a beautiful and nourishing ritual to share with my family.

Arohanui Ngahuia

This is by far THE BEST Cacao I’ve had. I’ve tried so many others, but Sacred Earth Ceremonial Cacao is my favourite. Number 1 in taste, number 1 in service!


This is my third block of Cacao from Sacred Earth Medicine. Like other reviews on here, I have also tried different brands, but nothing compares to the distinct aroma, richness and flavour that is unique to this Theobroma Cacao. Greek for “food of the gods” drinking this cocao is like receiving a your own personal gift from the Gods on the daily. There’s nothing on this earth more pure, sacred or divine.. Sign me up for a lifetime supply.

Ground Ceremonial Cacao
Karolyn Gainfort

Delicious, and I love how I feel after drinking it. Very Zen is the way I would describe it.

I have tried many different cacao's purchased in Australia and also from Peru.
This is by far the smoothest, palatable and connected cacao. The glistening bubbles that form the froth indicate there is true beauty within.
What I love is there are no grainy bits. Spending time creating ceremonial space and embracing the heart center with cacao is such a beautiful space to be in.

The Best!!

I have ordered Ceremonial Cacao a few tines, it's the best cacao I have tasted, so smooth and tastes delicious. Thank you for a great product.

Ceremonial Cacao - 5kg
Michelle Robb
Excellent product

Sacred Medicine Ceremonial Cacao absolutely Devine. Love my morning routine of treating myself with this beautiful product. Would probably prefer five 1kg blocks as opposed to one 5kg block.

Ceremonial Cacao - 400g
Tetiana Wilczynska

Absolutely beautiful aroma, great quality, highly recommended, delivery was fast

The Best Ceremonial Cacao

I am a return customer. I love the ground cacao, making it easy to prepare. I frequently use this ceremonial cacao to run my events and always receive excellent feedback.