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Spring and Autumn Equinox Blessings

by Sjha'ra Taylor on September 23, 2022

The day of equal day and night, light and dark... Let us honour the ways we create balance in our lives.

A powerful portal is open through today and tonight for a Cacao Ceremony to deepen your seasonal alignment.

You can create a ceremony on your own, with your family or community. Going into ceremony today strengthens your connection to all of nature and the blossoming of the new seasonal chapter.

This is a special time to connect with our Mother Earth, and to cast free our prayers for life & the greater good. Put your feet and body on the earth as much as you can, this is a perfect time to feel fully supported by the earth. When night time comes, star gaze and ponder the mystery that is life. This will assist you in opening up to a deeper gratitude, an ability to count our blessings and thanking the grander scale of life for its teachings.

The Spring Equinox (Southern Hemisphere) - is for welcome the budding and blossoming energies of new growth, this begins with a cleanse of the old on all levels to help with the letting go of any winter emotions and heaviness.

It's a great time for a sweat lodge or sauna to cleanse your system.

The Autumn Equinox (Northern Hemisphere) - is a time to feel gratitude for the harvests you are reaping, take time to go within, offering prayers and make the inner and outer preparations to turn inwards with the winter descent.

Enjoy the magick that abounds today, wishing all of our beautiful cacao tribe an intentional equinox.

Love and chocolate blessings 🤎


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