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Sunrise Winter Solstice Cacao Meditation Ritual

by The Sacred Earth Medicine Team on June 16, 2024
image credit: Sage Friedman

Yule (Winter Solstice)

The Winter solstice, or Yule, celebrates the longest night and the shortest day on the Wheel of the Year. It is at this time we can honour the returning light of the sun, and what better way than to greet the dawning of a new day by witnessing sunrise, the rising of the Sun, with a Winter solstice ritual.

Sunrise Winter Solstice Cacao Ritual

We’ve crafted a simple and potent morning sunrise winter solstice cacao ritual for you. It weaves together solar connection with ceremonial cacao (of course!), meditation, contemplation, journaling and an optional but very beautiful earth breathing practice by Star Despres. Specifically designed for you to honour this moment in the greater cycle.


Before your Yule meditation ritual, decide on a location where you can easily see the sun rising over the horizon (if possible), and check the time of sunrise in your area so you can plan to be there with plenty of time to set up before it rises.

You'll need:

  • Ceremonial Cacao already made in a thermos + mug (You may like to add winter warming spices like ginger, clove and nutmeg to offer more warmth to your brew)
  • A tea-light in a glass jar (in case it's windy) + plus a lighter.
  • Journal and pen
  • A throw - something to sit and lie on 
  • Warm layers and blanket

Arrive at your destination

Take some time to set up a cosy nest for the next 30 mins to an hour for your Yule meditation.

Create sacred space 

In the way that you like, perhaps calling upon the seven sacred directions and elements to hold you in your ritual. You may also like to call in your personal guides, for support.

Honour the traditional custodians of the land 

Upon which you stand and ask for their permission, blessing and support for your ritual.

Anchor into your body

Continue to anchor more into your body and this pivotal moment in time, awaiting with anticipation and deep reverence for the sun to be reborn. Acknowledging the impact of the winter dark in your life, on all levels. Take a few deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth with a sigh or sound, allowing all that has come before to simply fall away.

Pour the cacao

Into your mug or sacred vessel. As the sun first peeks over the horizon whisper and pour all your gratitude for the sun’s warmth, light and life into your cacao. Then slowly drink it in as the sun rises – imbibing the alchemy of Golden Sun infused Ceremonial Cacao, savouring its medicine and magic. Sense, feel, imagine or simply intend this Golden Infusion as Liquid Light is flooding and filling your entire body and recharging your spirit.

Sit in silent contemplation

Sit and take some time to reflect on all that has been in the previous solar year, and all that you’re desiring to call in for the cycle to come.

Journal your reflections

Once you are complete, journal your reflections, allowing the illumination of the sun to inspire personal illuminations.

Earth Breathing Practice (Optional)

This is an optional extra step in the sunrise Winter solstice ritual: try this beautiful Earth Breathing practice shared by Star Despres, from Embodied Feminine Wisdom. Otherwise skip to step 9 to close:

  • Come to rest down on the earth, on the front body, with your belly resting on the belly of the great mother. This is a simple way to drop into the potent stillness available at this moment, to align with the heartbeat of Gaia, and honour the Great Mother and all she provides.
  • In this practice you breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Take in a breath and then exhale to start the practice. As you exhale, imagine that at the same time the earth is breathing in - taking in all that you're releasing on your out breath. As you inhale, the earth is offering over to you via her exhale all the nourishment you're needing. And so, the cycle continues - you breathe out as she breathes in, she breathes out as you breathe in.
  • It may feel a little clunky at the start, but eventually allow it to become a circular breath with no real ending or beginning. Allow your whole being to soften into her embrace, slowing down to earth time whilst your nervous system receives some deep replenishment here. Stay here for as long as you like.

Give thanks

Honour and give thanks to the guardians of the land and open the space by releasing the elements and directions to completre your sunrise Winter solstice ritual.

Blessed Be



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This ritual weaves together solar connection with ceremonial cacao (of course!), meditation, contemplation, journaling for you to honour this moment in the greater cycle.

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