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Lammas Nature Communion Ritual

by The Sacred Earth Medicine Team on January 16, 2024

Lammas heralds an end to summer and the beginning of the first harvest.

Now is the perfect time for a nature enquiry to harness the magic of deeper connection + communion with Mother Earth, and to honour and celebrate the energy of Lammas.

Like all the Sabbats on the Wheel of the Year – this festival reminds us of the cyclical beauty of life’s continuous renewal. It is a beautiful occasion to connect with nature, honour the bounty of the Earth, and celebrate seasonal rhythms and the cycle of life.

The nature communion ritual described here is designed as a solo ritual for honouring Lammas. If you wish to perform this ritual in group, please see read through and follow the group guidance at the bottom of the journal.

Nature Communion Ritual to Celebrate Lammas

Prepare your ceremonial cacao in a travel mug and head to a favourite spot in nature where you can be alone, or undisturbed at least. We recommend 30 minutes, or more, for this ritual to feel spacious. Begin by honouring the known custodians of the land and start with a simple cacao ceremony to connect in with yourself and awaken your heart.

Ground Yourself and Connect to the Earth Mother

Then close your eyes and take some time to ground and centre, feeling your bones, your skin, and the solidity of your body. Become aware of your flesh and what can be felt using all 5 senses.

Start to feel your connection with the Earth Mother beneath you and the pull of gravity anchoring you down into her – feeling deeply supported and held.

Now gently open your eyes, and with a sense of curiosity begin to wander in wonder – with your eyes and/or your feet. Take some time to breathe in the scene around you and allow yourself to be drawn to something in nature – perhaps a tree, a leaf, seedpod or whatever catches your attention.

Commune Deeply to Receive Nature’s Wisdom

Start to connect deeply - take in every minute detail of this gift of nature. If it’s a tree perhaps wrap your arms around her in a hug, if a leaf, cradle it in your palm. Begin the indigenous practise of Dadirri – deep listening – communing and bringing the quality of quiet, still awareness to the practice. Continue to breathe, feeling your full appreciation for its wholeness as you connect with your nature piece.

Then sense some kind of “opening”, an invitation and allow your awareness to step inside of it, to enter and delve into this vast and precious treasure. As you travel in, explore and experience the qualities of all your new aspects, forms, and edges. Delicacies and strengths. Move beyond imagining to really feel what it is to actually BE this. Notice the quality of the energy you are. Let yourself be informed by it.

Stay in this visceral embodiment process, communing for as long as you feel called, opening yourself up to receive wisdom and medicine from nature. When you are ready, slowly come back into your body, gently rub your eyes and take some deep breaths.

To complete, offer your gratitude to your nature piece, the land, the ancestors and to this moment in the greater cycle for all its gifts and blessings.

For a Group Ritual

If gathering in a group, do this nature communion ritual individually and then when complete, come together once more and share all you are grateful for. Finish the ritual with song, dancing, and a shared feast!

Blessed Be!

Listen to the Lammas Nature Communion Ritual




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This ritual weaves together solar connection with ceremonial cacao (of course!), meditation, contemplation, journaling for you to honour this moment in the greater cycle.

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