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Sacred Earth Medicine is the inspired co-creation of Sjh'ara Taylor, Shaa Taylor and the Cacao Deva.

It all began back in 2010 when we trained and worked with Keith the "Chocolate Shaman" on the shores of Lago de Atitlan, in Guatemala. How we came to be there was serendipitous....

The Universe Had a Plan...

Originally headed for the UK and the corporate world of London, we were turned away at Heathrow for not having the right visas and being too honest about the possibility of settling there in the future. We found ourselves landed in Guatemala on a whim. Definitely divine intervention by the Cacao Deva! We had both been there 9 years earlier, to the same meditation centre in the same tiny village, within a month of each other, yet we didn't meet until years later.

Here we were blessed to meet and spend several months working with "The Chocolate Shaman" almost daily. Many mornings were spent on his front porch, drinking Cacao and doing "Chocolate Ceremonies", where he introduced the Spirit of Cacao - the Cacao Deva, IxCacao - to us. This opened our eyes to the medicinal and magical properties of chocolate. He encouraged us to discover the merger between two of our greatest passions - chocolate and yoga, and to launch our first ever Chocolate Yoga class. It was such a deeply profound experience we knew we had to share this with the world!

Our Cacao Wedding

With Keith’s blessing we began to import and sell his Ceremonial Cacao in Australia, but not before trialling it on a large test group - our wedding guests! Yes that’s right we had a sublime Chocolate Wedding that was so loved up, we knew the cacao medicine was activated here and ready to fly in Australia. Our proof came when one of the most stoical of the guests surprised us by proclaiming, “You can really feel the love!”

Apprenticing With the Cacao Deva

Through Keith, we began apprenticing with the Cacao Spirit and built a strong connection with her. We are still apprenticing with her to this day and will be for a long time yet! Working with Cacao is our passion and a big part of both of our life missions. We are in full service to her and her mission to open the hearts of as many people on the planet as possible to bring the world back into balance.

Introducing Australia to Ceremonial Grade Cacao through Chocolate Yoga

For 6 years, we worked with Keith’s Guatemalan cacao, back when it was known as Mendoza's Lava Love Ceremonial Cacao (which we rebranded as Sacred Mayan Cacao). It was a great product! Via the fusion of Cacao Ceremony and Kundalini Yoga into the powerful practice of Chocolate Yoga, we were honoured to be the first to bring ceremonial grade cacao to the east coast of Australia. And certainly the first to make it available for the people of Australia to hold their own ceremonies.

With the guidance of the Cacao Deva, we were directed to help her spread her wings far and wide across Australia.

Finding Our Own Way With the Cacao Deva

Although Keith the “Chocolate Shaman” was an AMAZING being of light, he wasn't equipped to support this expansion. At the time we couldn’t figure out a sustainable way to support his business to grow so we could all go next level, and we were rather preoccupied with birthing a precious little one.

Thankfully the universe answered Keith's call for greater prosperity, honoring all the incredible work he was doing to resurrect the ancient wisdom of Cacao Ceremony. An American entrepreneur, bought into his business, rebranded it "Keith's Cacao" and changed the business model completely. While this was a boon for Keith, it unfortunately did not allow for the guidance or model of growth we were downloading from the Cacao Deva. After much negotiation, despite being one of the biggest distributors of their product, it became obvious there was no room for us in the new set up. We were devastated!

At the time we were convinced that there was nowhere else on the planet that produced a grade of cacao that was even close to Keith's. We tried many different disappointing cacao brands calling themselves "Ceremonial Grade" from all over the world - which only served to strengthen this belief. We both knew that working with cacao was deeply intertwined with our life purpose, so what to do??

It took us a little while to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and look for a new way forward. We told ourselves that there MUST be another source of cacao out there that was as high grade, that could give us similar exalted states in ceremony. This is a big planet we are on! So we did the only thing that made sense, we went into deep communion with the Cacao Deva...

The Next Stage of Our Journey Begins

With the small amount of Keith's cacao that we had left, we did many ceremonies and received amazing downloads and many insights directly from the Cacao Deva. It completely re-inspired us and sent us on an 18 month search of Central & South America for a new cacao supplier. We knew the Cacao Deva was with us the whole way as we had so many incredible synchronicities! From the people that we met, to the place that we went and the many twists and turns along the way.

Finally the guidance became clear... Peru! While Shaa stayed at home looking after our little man, Sjha'ra went and visited a number of small and large farms & co-ops in the Amazon basin and the foothills of the Andes, when completely by chance she was guided to a tiny shop selling whole bean criollo nativo cacao. This was the very beginning of our relationship with the beautiful family run operation that now supplies us with our beautiful Ceremonial Cacao product.

And the journey continues...