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Sjha'ra's Story: My Connection With Yeshua

by Sjha'ra Taylor on April 02, 2023

I didn’t go to any scripture classes at school, my first path of spirituality was through Goddess traditions and earth-based spirituality.

It was ALL ABOUT the Goddess.

So, it came as a huge shock and surprise when Yeshua first came through to me! It’s a funny story of when I was in my early - mid 20s, traveling in Mexico.

On one of my visits to the impressive Mayan sacred site Palenque, I decided to enhance the experience with some local plant medicine. There I am, sitting on the steps of a temple overlooking the palace and meditating, trying to connect with Mother Earth and commune with the Goddess.

But suddenly, I hear this clear strong male voice come through, and I’m in such deep shock, I don’t even register what he said. I’m too busy thinking who is this? The voice announces it is Jesus. Still in shock and disbelief, I ask, “What, why? How come? How come you're speaking to me now? And how come you've never spoken to me before?” He explained that he had always been right here with me, it's just that I had turned my back on him. And he showed me this image of me on the prow of a boat, and he was like the mast with sails behind, supporting and helping to guide me. He told me he would always be there, that I could always turn to him for support if needed and then the vision dissolved, and the voice went quiet...

But the experience has stayed with me and supported me ever since.

As called as I am to work with the divine feminine, I never forget the support and presence of the sacred masculine. So at this time, I love to honour the presence of Yeshua in my life and the presence of the sacred masculine.

Yeshua for me, is a beautiful, enlightened being that we can all turn to for support and protection - the true blessings of the sacred masculine. Not the distorted masculine we get through patriarchy and even much of the biblical religious teachings that want to diminish the sacred feminine. Yeshua honoured in his original teachings the sacred feminine as equal. He revered Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and all the divine feminine aspects, holding them as equally sacred.

What I have learnt from Yeshua is the infinite power of love and forgiveness to heal all wounds of separation, to bring divine sacred holy union.

So at Sacred Earth Medicine, we honour the great master teachings of Yeshua Christ Sananda at this time. For me, the blessing or the purpose of the resurrection is to remind and show humanity that resurrection is possible for each and every one of us, that we are eternal souls, that we have mastery over our source connection, that we can connect to source within.

And we can.
We are eternal beings.
We can master our energy.
Each time we fall, fail, fault, we can be forgiven.
So we can rise and ascend again.


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