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Mabon Gratitude and Self Reflection Ritual

by The Sacred Earth Medicine Team on February 26, 2024
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As we embrace the season of Mabon with its themes of gratitude and balance, it’s important to remember that just as the seasons around us change, so do we. When we align with the cyclical and natural rhythm of life, we can use these moments on the Wheel of the Year to pause and assess our relationship to ourselves and the beautiful world around us.

Gratitude and Self Reflection Ritual for Marbon

At the Autumn Equinox we can reflect, find equilibrium, and gather the blessings that will sustain us through the winter months. Accordingly, we are sharing a simple yet potent journaling ritual to support you in this inquiry.

What you will need:

  • A journal and pen
  • A candle
  • Cup of Ceremonial Cacao
  • An open heart
  • Some quiet, uninterrupted time – and preferably some place where you feel centred, perhaps at your altar or a special nature spot.

The Reflection Ritual

Gather all you will need for the ritual and begin by preparing your ceremonial cacao just the way you like it.

Then sit in a comfortable position, in your special spot and gently close down your eyes. Allow yourself to fully arrive. Take 3 deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth with a sigh or sound – softening the body and allowing all that has come before to simply melt away with the exhale.

Feel your whole being grounding into the support of Mother Earth. When you feel ready slowly open your eyes and light your candle, acknowledging your own inner light that lives in your heart.

Now bring your cup of cacao to your heart, taking a few moments here to honour this potent and powerful plant medicine. Giving thanks to the harvest of cacao beans that have gone into making this exquisite elixir. Begin to intentionally sip, drinking in the warmth and love, allowing it’s magic to blossom your heart open.

Next, open your journal and take some time to reflect on any or all of the following questions.

Reflect on your blessings for the year

💛 What abundance did you experience this Summer? What blessings have you received?

Reflect on your own harvest

Reflect on the things you’ve focused your energy on, and the fruits received:

💛 What have you been tending and nourishing and what achievements do you want to celebrate?

💛 What have you been working on within yourself and how have you changed and grown?

Reflect on what you’re grateful for

💛 What are you deeply grateful for this cycle?

Reflect on balance in your life

With the Earth in perfect balance over the Equinox this is a wonderful time to explore this theme in your own life:

💛 Where do you feel well balanced in your life?

💛 Where do you feel out of balance and how might you bring things back into alignment?

Prepare to let go

In Autumn we can see the beginning of the letting go that happens in the world around us as trees begin to lose their leaves. This is a necessary part of the cycle for new life to grow:

💛 What are you ready to let go of? What do you need to shed in order for new life to grow?

To Complete the Ritual

When you have completed your journal inquiry, take the time to read over your responses. This step can be very powerful to allow your wisdom to crystallise, grant you deeper insights and integration. Gift yourself the space to be present with all that arises and welcome the gifts of the season!

Blessed Be


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This ritual weaves together solar connection with ceremonial cacao (of course!), meditation, contemplation, journaling for you to honour this moment in the greater cycle.

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