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Love Rituals

by The Sacred Earth Medicine Team on November 06, 2023

A heart chakra that feels blocked can create feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, mistrust (in self and life) and not only leave you feeling emotionally withdrawn and uninspired – but also deeply disconnected to the well of unconditional love that resides within you.

Self-love Heart Chakra Meditation Ritual

Combining Ceremonial Cacao, visualisation, affirmation and the breath, we hope this simple ritual leaves you feeling heart opened, connected and much lighter!

A solo self-love ritual

Start by preparing your Ceremonial Cacao in just the way you like. We highly recommend infusing your blend with the medicine of Rose to further awaken the Heart (either as Rose water, a few drops of Rose essential oil or rose petals – you can check out our Rose Activated Cacao Brew.

Once ready, find a comfortable position for the body, close your eyes and bring your hands to rest lightly over the heart centre – one on top of the other. As you begin to connect with your heart, gently take a few deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth with an audible sigh or sound. Let the exhale be an invitation to soften and feel the energy around your heart space. Try to let go of any need to judge, change, or fix what’s present and instead welcome any sensations with loving compassion.

After some time here, open your eyes, take your brew, and first breathe in the heady scent of rose and rich cacao combined - this in itself might start to awaken your heart! Then, start to sip your cacao with intention whilst continuing to allow the breath to be long, slow, and steady. Once you’ve taken in the cacao, again close your eyes, bring your hands once more to rest on the heart and sit quietly giving the cacao time to imbue its magic.

When you feel ready, imagine a vibrant bright green light (green is the colour of heart chakra) flowing out from your heart. With each inhalation, imagine it expanding until it encompasses your entire body. As you breathe out, let this light fill you with feelings of compassion, love, understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness - towards yourself and if you feel called, to others.

At this stage, you may like to whisper an affirmation aloud or say it quietly to yourself. A few suggestions could be: “I am surrounded by love”, “I accept every part of myself “, or simply, “I am love”. Feel free to create your own love infused affirmations here and breathe them in deeply.

Once you feel complete, open your eyes and notice how you feel. What’s present and moving in your heart space now?

Take a moment to give thanks to the cacao for its gifts and the love that is always available in your heart. Finish by closing sacred space.

Lovers Appreciation Ritual

Bringing ritual into your relationship not only fosters connection, but may also allow for a deepening of trust, vulnerability, gratitude and intimacy.

A ritual for deepening Heart Connection and expressing Appreciation for each Other

Cleansing the energetic and physical body is an important start to any ritual so you may like to share a warm shower together and/or take some time to clear each other’s energy field through ritual smudging. This simple act begins the ceremony and moves you out of everyday time and into sacred time.

Adorn yourself in something loose and comfortable and create a relaxing space by lighting some candles. Set up a place where you can sit opposite each other, either on cushions on the floor or chairs if that’s more comfortable.

Prepare your cacao, enough for 2 – again, we invite you to infuse your blend with the medicine of Rose to further awaken the Heart - check out our Rose Activated Cacao Brew.

Start by creating sacred space in the way you like and then come to sit in front of each other. Pick up your mugs of cacao, breathe in the rose scent and then whisper your intentions for deepening connection and gratitude for each other into the cacao. Drink mindfully in silence, allowing the cacao’s medicine to gently blossom the heart open.

Once you’ve finished the cacao, close your eyes and bring some awareness to your breathing. Take some deep in breaths and long slow exhalations, allowing for a sigh to be released and with it any remaining tension or holding.

After a few breaths open your eyes and first start by connecting without words through the powerful practise of eye gazing. This is as simple as it sounds – set a timer for at least 2-3 minutes (especially if you are new to it) and stare into your partners eyes, connect with your breath and commit to holding the gaze and staying present. Once the time is complete release your gaze and notice how you are feeling in relation to your partner. More connected perhaps?

For the next part you will again set a timer, this time for 5 minutes. Decide who will go first and then share from your heart all that you appreciate about your partner. Once the time is complete, take some time together with eyes closed allowing all that has been shared to sink in deeply, and then swap over.

Once you’ve both shared your appreciation for each other, complete the ritual by standing up and meeting for a Melting Heart Hug. In this delicious hug, again start with eye contact and breathe deeply as you open your arms wide in a loving gesture of welcome.

As you come closer, allow your heart, belly, and pelvis to soften and meet each other and your arms to wrap around your partner. Let your bodies relax into the embrace, melting into each other and all the sweet love and gratitude you are feeling. Stay here as long as you like!

To complete, send some of the sweet love from your hearts, to ripple out and bless your family, friends, community, Mother Earth and all of humanity! Give thanks to the medicine of cacao and each other for the willingness to share this beautiful heart expanding ritual together and close sacred space.

We truly hope you enjoy these beautiful rituals!

Do you have a favourite way to open your heart to more love with the magic of cacao? We’d so love to hear from you, so hit reply and let us know or share with us on our upcoming Beltane posts on Instagram.



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This ritual weaves together solar connection with ceremonial cacao (of course!), meditation, contemplation, journaling for you to honour this moment in the greater cycle.

Our cacao is not raw, and we prefer it that way! There are very few cacao offerings on the market that are truly raw. Let’s get into why...

Ceremonial Cacao as a plant ally for the journey of Motherhood is a deeply nurturing, loving and supportive partner. Cacao has an abundance of physiological and energetic properties to support this journey tenderly yet powerfully.

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