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Sensual Chocolate Sharing

by The Sacred Earth Medicine Team on February 06, 2024

An elixir for the heart, and a food that is both sensual and blissful, there can be something so exciting and erotic about eating chocolate – especially when feeding your beloved, being fed by your beloved or even when savouring some chocolate indulgence solo.

We hope you relish this simple yet exquisite chocolate sharing ritual.

To enhance the ritual, we encourage you to make your own chocolates - you can follow our yummy recipe here.

Alternatively try this with another high quality decadent chocolate.

Solo Sensual Chocolate Savouring 

  • Set the scene by creating some time for your ritual in a space where you feel comfortable and at ease. Open yourself to embodying the experience fully by using all of your senses.
  • First simply admire the chocolate with a soft gaze, taking it in and noticing what arises by simply looking at it.
  • Then explore the sense of touch by picking up the chocolate and feeling it’s silky smoothness between your fingers, the melting response to your warmth.
  • Next breathe in the rich chocolatey aroma by bringing it slowly to your nose and allowing it’s fragrance to permeate your whole being.
  • Before you bring it to your lips, imagine the deliciously smooth taste in your mouth, on your tongue and as you gently swallow sliding slowly down your throat. Then let yourself have the experience by slowing placing it on your tongue and slipping it into your mouth or taking a small bit – taking it slow and noticing every nuance and taste sensation.
  • Rather than chewing the chocolate, allow it to melt in your mouth feeling the long-lasting buzz this creates.
  • Stay present with your feeling body, welcoming all that is arising as you continue to indulge.

Sensual Chocolate eating experience – partnered 

  • You can both begin by following the solo experience first to come to your senses if you like.
  • Otherwise, you can take it turns to seductively tease and feed your partner with the chocolate, allowing them to smell, feel and see the deliciousness before you allow them a taste!
  • Make them want it by rubbing it over their lips and let them touch it with their tongue before you offer it them.

A few other playful ideas 

  • Gently push a sucked piece of chocolate out of your mouth to rest on your lips and have your partner gently kiss it away from you.
  • Be more daring and have your partner French kiss the chocolate back and forth.
  • Lick pieces of chocolate off your fingers, letting some of it melt on your lower lip as you eat it, then suck it off seductively whilst looking into your partners eyes.

There’s no end to the seduction you can create with chocolate, so be sure to bring a flirtatious and mischievous energy to your play and have fun!



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