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6 Loved Up Ways to use Cacao on Valentine’s Day

by The Sacred Earth Medicine Team on February 07, 2024

Valentine’s Day falls on February 14th and is synonymous with red roses, romantic gestures, valentine’s cards, chocolate, and of course love! We're going to help you create a yummy pleasure plan with lots of loved up ways to use cacao on Valentine's Day. 

Firstly, lets explore the history of this worldwide celebrated day of love.

A brief history of Valentine's Day

Diving into the past it’s clear that the history of Valentine’s Day is mixed, uncertain, and perhaps a little controversial! There’s no clear evidence but much hearsay around Saint Valentine being not just one man but possibly up to 3 different saints with the name Valentine associated with February 14. All were martyred by the Romans for different reasons – and none were actually connected with romantic love.

It appears that the beginning of Valentine’s Day being associated with love was actually seeded by the medieval English poet Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century, who in one piece of writing mentions that birds ‘sing for Saint Valentine and choose their spouse on his day’ – referring to their mating in Spring (around February 14th) and thus connecting Saint Valentine and love. This notion of courtly love took hold and by the 1400’s Charles VI of France describes lavish court parties on Feb. 14 that included feasting, love songs, poetry competitions, jousting, and dancing.

The gifting of Chocolate on Valentine's Day

By the Victorian age sending a heart embellished Valentine’s card was a firm tradition, and over time only grew in popularity, with the giving of chocolate (initially in a heart shaped box) instigated by Cadbury in 1868.

With awakening hearts and spreading love being a major ethos here at Sacred Earth Medicine, we are taking the essence of love celebrated on this day to share with you a delicious and tantalising Pleasure Plan you can do solo or with a partner – which of course includes CHOCOLATE!

Connecting Cacao and Love!

But first - why has this day, and especially the giving of chocolate become so wide spread? What is it about cacao that has us offering it as a gesture of love, and often unable to stop at one little bite?

Cacao is not only a heart opener, but also has aphrodisiac properties – and we believe it is the combination of these uplifting qualities that people are yearning for and keeps them reaching for more!

The connection between cacao and love stems all the way back to the ancient Mayans. They not only incorporated chocolate in religious ceremonies, but appear to be the first culture to make the connection between chocolate and love, as some Mayan wedding ceremonies included a ritual where the bride and groom ceremonially sipped chocolate.

So with that in mind, let’s dive in – literally - to some sense invoking and seductive cacao recipes.

6 Loved up ways to use Cacao on Valentine’s Day!

We’ve taken some inspiration from the wonderful book, Aphrodisiac: The Herbal Path To Healthy Sexual Fulfilment and Vital Living by Kimberley Gallagher to offer some creative ways you can use cacao to introduce a Pleasure Plan that tickles all your fancies!

This can be done on Valentine’s Day – or any time you’re wanting to bring more of the sensual into your life. It’s a beautiful and sacred way to create some spaciousness, to melt into a moment with yourself or beloved away from the day-to-day stresses of parenting or work life.

Below are some ideas to get you started – but we invite you to play, be curious and get super creative to personalise your Pleasure Plan!

Recipes and Rituals

Here are 6 delicious ways to enhance your Valentine's Day experience with cacao... (links coming very soon!)

Love Drunk Drinking Cacao -
This super rich and deliciously creamy drinking chocolate will have you drunk on the heavenly union of cacao and coconut! See the full recipe HERE 

Chocolate Body Drizzle
Play and explore the delight of this sensual and enticing liquid chocolate with your beloved!

Damiana Chocolate Love Liqueur -
This recipe needs to be made in advance as it gets smoother with age, but it is well worth the wait for this delicious cocktail of love!

Cacao Butter Sense-you-all Massage
Enjoy the delicious, decadent, and healing delight of a warm cacao butter massage - solo or by a partner!

Cosmic Surrender Bath
Allow your whole body to soften with this sensual, pleasurable, and luxuriously beautiful bath ritual.

Sensual sharing of Chocolate -
Indulge in a food that is both sensual + blissful and enjoy the exciting and erotic experience of feeding your beloved mouth-watering chocolate –or pamper yourself with this decadent ritual!

We hope you relish in all or some of our Pleasure Plan suggestions! We are all for bringing more bliss and love into people’s lives – and being bias we of course think cacao is a wonderful tool to get you started! Let us know your favourites!

May love overflow into your life – on Valentine’s Day and every day!



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