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Damiana Chocolate Love Liqueur

by The Sacred Earth Medicine Team on February 07, 2024

Shaa and I looove Damiana and everything it brings to our relationship! As an aphrodisiac Damiana has the power to bring you down into the body and out of the head. It makes a potent love potion all on it’s own, but when combined with cacao & rose water, a Damiana Chocolate Love Liqueur is sense-sational!

Taken directly from Aphrodisiac – The Herbal Path to Healthy Sexual Fulfillment and Vital Living, this recipe does need some time to prepare, but is well worth the wait!

We are generally teetotalers, but our life can get incredibly full with all our responsibilities as homeschool parents on top of running a business together. Keeping the connection alive in our relationship is so important. So, to bring a bit of playful balance into our very full lives we were very excited to discover this Damiana and chocolate recipe, to include into some of our date night rituals!

We highly recommend this for you - to create some cherished space together or solo, away from the mundane, to enjoy your loving connection as you make this AND as you drink this incredible love liqueur!

To really set the scene, light a candle, scatter rose petals, play some sensual music and include some lush handmade chocolates to indulge in.

We hope you enjoy every luscious sip!


  • 30g Damiana leaves 
  • 2 cups Vodka or brandy
  • 1 cup Honey
  • Dash of Vanilla extract
  • Rose water to taste
  • 1/2 cup Cacao syrup (you can use the luscious Chocolate Body Drizzle recipe found here {add link} or for something super simple make a nice paste by mixing very finely ground cacao, a drop of hot water and honey).


  1. Soak the damiana leaves in vodka or brandy in a jar for 5 days on your kitchen counter (we used vanilla vodka & it worked a treat!) 
  2. Strain, reserving the liquid in a bottle and the leaves in a separate jar
  3. Soak the alcohol drenched leaves in 1 1/2 cups of water for 3 days
  4. Strain and reserve the liquid (compost the leaves)
  5. Gently warm the water extract over a low heat, and dissolve the honey in it
  6. Remove the pan from the heat, then add the alcohol extract and stir well
  7. Pour the liquid into a clean bottle, and add a dash of vanilla and a touch of rose water for flavour (you can omit the vanilla if using vanilla vodka)
  8. Let it mellow for one month or longer, as it gets smoother with age
  9. To each cup of damiana liqueur, add 1/2 cup of cacao syrup and a touch more rose water

Herbal Tip

The alcohol and water each extract different constituents from the plant material, so in this recipe you are getting the benefits of both.



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Cacao is not only a heart opener, but also has aphrodisiac properties – and we believe it is the combination of these uplifting qualities that people are yearning for.

Ritualistic preparation of a delicious Sacred Hot Chocolate is the cornerstone of any good meditation, yoga practice or creative session. So take your time and put as much love into the whole process as you can.

Aligning and weaving the ethos and values of our business with the philosophy of Dadirri, reciprocity and giving back underpins the day-to-day heart centred decisions we make & our ongoing direction.

Rich in social, religious, magical, and symbolic meaning, Ritual and Ceremony have been an essential aspect of human life for as long as we can remember.